Jette Primdahl Vice President


Jette Primdahl Vice President

Professor at The Danish Centre for Expertise in Rheumatology, Jette Primdahl has been appointed Vice President of EULAR’s Health Professional in Rheumatology.

Jette replaces Thea Vliet Vlieland and will contribute to EULAR’s work over the next two years.

Among other things, Jette will be responsible together with other board members to work towards the strategic goals, plan next year’s conference and focus on the collaboration with health professionals within rheumatology.

Vice President
As Vice President, Professor Jette will work closely with the past and present chair for HPRs *, who are Ricardo Ferreira from Portugal and Mwidimi Ndosi from England. She will also work with all health professionals and the various committees of the EULAR.

Jette says: “I would like to help spread the word about what the health professionals can contribute to the benefit of patients who experience significant inconvenience due to their rheumatic diseases despite optimal medical treatment”.

We are very proud that Jette has been appointed Vice President, and this will mean that we will have The Danish Centre for Rheumatic Diseases, The Research Unit and The Danish Centre for Expertise in Rheumatology on the European stage.

* HPR are all non-medical professions that work with people with rheumatological issues.